About the Office

The JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office is a founding member of the Lawyers Cooperation, based on the agreement about provision of legal services in terms of the particular cases and requirements of each client. The JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office consists of four Lawyers, five articled clerks and four needed administrative employees.

All members of The JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office speak one of the world languages such as English, German, Spanish and Russian as well.

The Seat of The JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office as the corporation under direction of JUDr. Stanislav Janák is situated in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Rožnovská 241, PSČ 744 01, the other offices are situated in Prague and in Ostrava.

The JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office provides comprehensive legal services in the fields of Czech, Slovak and European Union law. A detailed knowledge of the domestic legal environment enables our team to effectively resolve the broadest spectrum of legal issues. The current clients of the Law office include both domestic and foreign corporate bodies as well as parts of the supranational corporations that mainly do business in the fields of automotive industry and have their branches in the territory of the North Moravia of the Czech Republic (for example Brose CZ, spol. s r.o., Dura Automotive Systems CZ, s.r.o., Müller Weingarten Česká Republika s.r.o.).

The Positive advantage of our Office is deep knowledge of the region of North Moravia as well. The sense of our Office is to provide our clients pragmatic, cost-effective legal services of the highest standard, with an emphasis on innovation, quality control, and maximum adaptation to the specific requirements of each client.

The equipment of our Office is on the high standard including all communication assets such in case to be still in touch with our clients. The office has its own professional library, which consists of many special legal books and legal commentaries, legal magazines mostly focused on company law, civil law and labour law. All the members of the office are still continuously studying and improving their knowledge in many braches of the commerce law.

Each member is able to answer its clients promptly according to the client’s requirements. There is common practice that all members of the Office normally visit clients in their companies to discuss about all the legal issues.

The Personal structure

JUDr. Stanislav Janák, attorney at law
speaks German and Russian
mobile: +420 602 745 256
e-mail: akjanak@akjanak.cz

Mgr. Tom Káňa, attorney at law
speaks English and German
mobile: +420 723 732 462
e-mail: kana@kana-advokat.cz
e-mail: tomas.kana@akjanak.cz

Mgr. Radim Vašenda, attorney at law
speaks English
mobile: +420 724 271 711
e-mail: radim.vasenda@iol.cz
e-mail: radim.vasenda@akjanak.cz

JUDr. Tomáš Švec, Ph.D., attorney at law
speaks English and Spanish
Branch in Prague
mobile: +420 775 683 480
e-mail: tomas.svec@akjanak.cz

Mgr. Renata Martinkova, articled clerk
speaks English
mobile: +420 605 474 400
e-mail: renata.martinkova@akjanak.cz

Mgr. Martin Vojtíšek, articled clerk
speaks English
mobile: +420 777 185 167
e-mail: martin.vojtisek@akjanak.cz

Mgr. Petr Slovák, articled clerk
speaks English and Slovak
mobile: +420 733 651 992
e-mail: petrslovak@gmail.com

Legal Advisory Services

The Office has available wide-ranging possibilities to provide its clients with the comprehensive scope of legal services, in particular in the following areas:

including the complete solving of disputes resulting for the clients from the aforementioned relationships.

An obvious part of the provided legal services is the representation of the client in the court proceedings and before the relevant bodies of the state and local administration.

Business Corporations Law

The foundation of our practice is corporate law. This encompasses all aspects related to establishing and incorporating companies, as well as managing a company's legal relationships throughout its existence. We have clientele from all spheres of the business world and are thus prepared to meet the particular demands of each client's line of work. And we specialize in providing legal services to foreign persons who wish to do business and make investments in the Czech Republic.

The Office participated in numerous projects concerning establishment of commercial corporations and changes in commercial corporations, so for the domestic as for international clients. The legal services in that area include in particular:

Law of obligation

The Office provides for a wide range of legal services through consultations and the following contractual coverage of obligation relationships of its clients. The participation of one of the partners of The Law Office in commercial negotiations relating to the conclusion of contracts is self-understanding.

Within this type of activities, The Office provides its clients with the comprehensive assessment of the obligation relationship presented by the client, with the subsequent drafting and elaboration of the respective contracts concerning all areas of the commercial, civil and labour law, including the specific areas of law, such as:

All kinds of commercial contracts, including

Law of Bill

Making legal control of drafted bills, preparing all sorts of bills.

Civil Law, Real estate law

The Office provides advisory services to clients in mediation of the sale, purchase or rent of all types of real estates, including the relating legal services.

JUDr. Stanislav Janák is also an expert in assessing of real estate.

Intellectual Property Law

The Office has an extensive experience in area of the copyright and industrial rights concerning the intellectual property as well as in their application in the international context. It concerns in particular:

Labour Law

JANÁK & PARTNERS Law Office offers its assistance in the resolution of legal relationships between employers and employees – both in individual cases and in comprehensive issues of labor law that arise within a company.

Administrative Law

It means representation of the client before the Administrative Bodies in the Czech Republic, preparing all necessary documents and state permission for doing business

Resolution of Disputes, Representation of the Client

The Office provides its clients with the legal assistance in resolving and settlement of disputes. This comprises primarily the representation of clients before courts, arbitrators, arbitrations, as well as the relating petitions on behalf of the clients, formation of the necessary documents etc. The office provides for a legal assistance in the full range of the valid domestic law.

Criminal Law

Representation of clients in many various criminal litigations especially in business law, before Court and Administrative and Police Bodies. Preparing legal proceedings.

Opinion on legal matters of commercial companies

On the basis of the client's requirement, The Office will prepare its opinion on the selected legal matters concerning the facts and legal position of the selected commercial corporation, in the scope specified by the client.

The opinions elaborated by The Office solve the legal issues with the purpose of clarification of the legal position of the selected company, to be perceived and considered by the client, because usually the conclusions contained in these opinions are important for the position of the company and its business in accordance with the valid system of laws of the Czech.

The Office has at its disposal the team of independent professionals focusing on the legal collecting of receivables comprising the complete maintaining of the paperwork relating to the client's receivables from debtors. For these services The Office uses the entire standard approaches in terms of the relationship with the client's debtors, arranging for the full range of particulars connected with the court's proceedings of the concrete disputes concerning the payment of receivables.

The seat of the Law Office

Rožnovská 241
744 01   Frenštát pod Radhoštěm
Czech Republic

Phone number:   +420 556 836 870
Fax number:   +420 556 830 750
Website:   www.akjanak.cz
e-mail:   akjanak@akjanak.cz

Branch Prague
Holečkova 29/657
150 00   Prague 5
tel:   +420 257 328 758